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Birth Dates of Notable Kentuckians: October 24, 1945 - Eugenie Carol Scott

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From Wikipedia (Accessed October 24, 2013):
Eugenie Carol Scott (born October 24, 1945) is an
American physical anthropologist who has been the executive director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) since 1987. She is a leading critic of young earth creationism and intelligent design.

Scott grew up in
Wisconsin and first became interested in anthropology after reading her sister's anthropology textbook.[1] Scott received a BS and MS from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, followed by a PhD from the University of Missouri. She joined the University of Kentucky as a physical anthropologist in 1974 and shortly thereafter attended a debate between her mentor James A. Gavan and the young earth creationist Duane Gish which piqued her interest in the creation-evolution controversy.[2][3] She also taught at the University of Colorado and at California State University, Hayward. Her research work focused on medical anthropology and skeletal biology.

In 1980, Scott was at the forefront of an attempt to prevent creationism from being taught in the public schools of
Lexington, Kentucky. From this grassroot effort in Kentucky and other states, the National Center for Science Education was formed in 1981. Scott was appointed the NCSE's executive director in 1987, the year in which teaching creation science in American public schools was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court in Edwards v. Aguillard. Scott announced that she would be retiring from this position by the end of 2013.[4]5]

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