Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UK Electronic Theses and Dissertations

An update from Pat Wilson, Director of Digital Scholarship
Just a note to update you on where to find the UK theses/dissertations that are available electronically. Go to and click on the Theses and Dissertations link.

What you will find:
  • Electronic UK theses and dissertations (ETD's)published from 2000-2011
  • Please know that not all UK theses and dissertations are available electronically--this is the student's choice. Some students still opt for print. The print are cataloged and available in InfoKAT. The ETD's are also cataloged and in InfoKAT.
  • Up until the spring of 2010 all ETD's were made available using DSpace, which is searchable in InfoKAT.
  • Library IT recently migrated the ETD's in DSpace to UKnowledge.
  • The full text of the ETD's are available in UKnowledge.
Some of the migrated ETD's had supplementary files that did not automatically migrate. We are working on loading individually. If you are working with a document that you think may be one of these, let us know so we can follow up.

A couple of other ways to find ETD's in UKnowledge:
  • Click on Colleges, Departments, or Centers link.
  • To see what ETD's are available for a particular department click on the department; you will see an ETD link for that particular department.
  • On the Sidebar of the UKnowledge home page you will see a link for Authors.