Friday, September 23, 2011

InfoPrint Job not there?

From Kelly Vickery:

If you are having problems with your job not showing up on the printer in the Reference Office area, I offer my apologies. If you are not having problems then I'm glad for you and read no further. 

In running some tests I changed something in the driver which has affected all of you. The problem is that some print jobs are going to the printer and being held in an account named "troll" -- something you wouldn't expect to happen, I know. If your print out is not there then press the Held Jobs button on the screen and you might find it in the Troll account. I've changed things back so this should not happen, but the change may not propagate to your computer yet. 

If this is still happening to you then it may require you to log off and back on your computer. If that doesn't fix it then do the following:

1) Click > Start > Printers and faxes.
2) Find WTY2NPRT1 on the list and "right" click it.
3) Click "printing preferences"
4) click "other options" tab
5) click "Print and Hold..." button
6) click "Reserve" button on and off.
7) Click "ok" then "Apply" then "ok".

Or if you prefer, give me a call and I can assist you.

Sorry for all of this.
Kelly Vickery

UKnowledge Brochure

 UKnowledge is our repository of digital scholarship at UK,   You can now download the brochure directly from the UKnowledge website:

Please feel free to share with faculty and keep a few copies on hand at your desk/library as appropriate.

Friday, September 16, 2011

On Requesting Plus Account Refunds from Ikon..

Ikon has changed its policy concerning refunds.  Library employees that are submitting refund request forms for students should call Ikon BEFORE filling out a refund request form. Ideally this should occur before the patron leaves. 

On their web page, Ikon says that this new procedure will allow them to print jobs off for students "for free" and will also keep them abreast of printing issues.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Web of Science & Wall Street Journal

Web of Science and Internet Explorer Do Not Mix

I got a call from a patron today who said she was having issues accessing articles in Web of Science.  After entering search terms, the number of results and the number of pages would appear, but there were no articles to view.  I e-mailed LIB-ER and they said that Web of Science has been having problems with Internet Explorer and that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for Web of Science.  After calling the patron back, it appears that was the issue.  So, moral of story: no IE for Web of Science users.

Wall Street Journal: Edition Confusion

This may be old information, but it caused me quite a bit of confusion when helping a patron yesterday, so I've provided this information to you with the hope that you will not have to experience the same confusion that I felt. 

The Eastern edition of the Wall Street Journal is in fact the "regular" Wall Street Journal.  The easiest way to access this edition is through the "Quick Links" drop down box or searching for the Wall Street Journal through the "Databases" tab on the Library's website.  The E-Journals tab is the best way to find other editions of the Wall Street Journal

This was confusing because there are two different interfaces for ProQuest's Wall Street Journal, depending on your method of access (via Quick Links or E-Journals).  These two different interfaces have two different titles (one "The Wall Street Journal" and the other, "The Wall Street Journal: Eastern Edition").  However, despite the different interfaces and titles, they are in fact the same! 

Thanks to Peter and Rob for helping me figure this out.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you know how to load paper correctly? The IKON guy offers tips

The IKON guy wanted to make sure we did the following when loading paper into the printers:

1. Open the ream of paper seam side up.
2. Remove the top sheet from the ream and toss it in the recycling bin.
3. Smooth around the edges of the ream.
4. Thoroughly fan the paper.
5. Make sure to not go place the line on the side when filling the paper.

IKON guy says paper will not jam if we follow his advice. He is also checking with his supervisor to see if we are allowed to have some reams to fill up the machines for the times in which they are not here.

Ref Chat is Awesome!

Hi Refdesk - We got this message as feedback on the new website, but it's meant for you guys! Great job! -Beth


I am currently in the last semester of my PhD program at the University of Kentucky and am finishing my dissertation.

I want to applaud the chat function on the UK Library webpage. Since I have moved to Florida, this has been an absolute invaluable resource for me. I could not have been able to accomplish the many necessary tasks for my research without this service.

The librarians are always helpful and cheerful. I am most grateful for their assistance. Please let them know that they are appreciated.

Thanks again.

Steven O. Evans

Friday, September 2, 2011

Access to journal Pharmacotherapy

There was a chat reference question today that brought up an issue with off-campus access to the journal Pharmacotherapy. The student had logged in through the EZProxy and could access other materials but not this journal. He also told me that he wasn't the only one having problems with access to this journal.

I sent an email to Electronic Resources and Frank at the Medical Library. It looks as though some URL information was changed and problems with off-campus access should be fixed. However, if anyone gets a question about access to Pharmacotherapy again, we need to contact Electronic Resources, Frank Davis, and possibly Rob Aken.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blackboard printing troubles

Information from IKON yesterday:
There is a problem with printing from Blackboard. You must either 1)save to the desktop then print or 2) save to the student locker then print.

They do not know when this issue will be fixed.