Friday, September 23, 2011

InfoPrint Job not there?

From Kelly Vickery:

If you are having problems with your job not showing up on the printer in the Reference Office area, I offer my apologies. If you are not having problems then I'm glad for you and read no further. 

In running some tests I changed something in the driver which has affected all of you. The problem is that some print jobs are going to the printer and being held in an account named "troll" -- something you wouldn't expect to happen, I know. If your print out is not there then press the Held Jobs button on the screen and you might find it in the Troll account. I've changed things back so this should not happen, but the change may not propagate to your computer yet. 

If this is still happening to you then it may require you to log off and back on your computer. If that doesn't fix it then do the following:

1) Click > Start > Printers and faxes.
2) Find WTY2NPRT1 on the list and "right" click it.
3) Click "printing preferences"
4) click "other options" tab
5) click "Print and Hold..." button
6) click "Reserve" button on and off.
7) Click "ok" then "Apply" then "ok".

Or if you prefer, give me a call and I can assist you.

Sorry for all of this.
Kelly Vickery

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