Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changes to the SSTARS Poster Printing Service

In past years, the SSTARS poster printing operation in W.T. Young Library has provided free poster printing services to the students and faculty of the University of Kentucky. Please share our thanks for past support of those operations.

As of July 1, 2011, SSTARS poster printing operations will cease. We will no longer request funds or supplies, and we will not be able to provide free poster printing; however, UKIT’s Academic Technology Group (which is now the home of the SSTARS services), will continue to provide file conversion assistance and ordering service to students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty who have poster presentation needs.

Academic Technology will continue to provide the following support services:

For student or faculty posters that have already been created (but not printed)
  • Convert artwork to appropriate image file for poster printing.  (Contact Dan O’Brien at for guidelines and submission/production timeline.)
  • Assist in identifying potential printing problems resulting from the conversion.
  • Transmit the file to Lynn Imaging, which provides a discounted cost to UK clients. The rate for posters similar to those formerly printed by SSTARS – 36” by 60” poster with no color background and minimal images – currently cost $67.50 for non-gloss or $90 for glossy paper.  Lynn Imaging will collect payment after submission. Lynn Imaging turnaround time for posters is usually two days. (Contact Dan O’Brien for estimates of additional timeline for submission assistance.)
  • Arrange for posters to be delivered to W.T. Young Library for pickup at no charge.
For faculty who need help with the design and layout of a poster
  • Provide poster creation services to faculty on a first come, first-served basis for research presentations. (Contact Mary Lou Cahal,, for availability, guidelines and submission/production timeline.)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dan O’Brien at

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