Monday, October 31, 2011

LibraryH3lp chat sounds are not working

On the new reference desk computer, we no longer hear the loud ping to signal a new chat. I've checked the sound settings but I wasn't able to make it any louder. It's barely audible and that's only when you are really listening for it.
I've sent an email to Shawn and the LibraryH3lp support group so hopefully someone will be able to help us figure it out. I think there might be a sound plug-in that needs to be downloaded. I'll post back when I hear anything but in the meantime, you might want to check the chat screen more often in case you don't notice that someone is asking a question.

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  1. Update: Debbie and I were testing out IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome to see if the chat sound would work in a different browser. We discovered that the chat sounds will work in Google Chrome. So, for now the work-around is to open chat in Chrome. IE and Firefox do not work. Kelly has been trying to get to the bottom of this problem, but until then at least we can hear that annoying bong sound in Chrome!