Friday, October 7, 2011

WPA Stuff

Here's my annual reminder regarding the unusual location for any SuDoc item with a call number beginning with FW or Y 3.W 89/2. While the location in InfoKat indicates Storage SuDoc, typically meaning King, the collection is actually downstairs in Young in the Access Records work area.

I assume that Circ. staff would pull the pieces for a user if they needed to see them/check them out, but have copied Terri Brown in case this is not correct. It is important that any pink stick slips in these pieces stay with the piece, or at least get back into the piece once it is returned. Not all of these pieces will have stick slips.

All of the pieces in this location have been cataloged, so they should have Voyager records. There are no longer any shelflist records for this collection except for 3 missing FW pieces and a journal that is housed in Engineering.

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