Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accessing the Microfilm Collection

Until the public PCs are cleaned, we have no access to our microfilm reader/printers. However, both the Fine Arts Library and Special Collections have microfilm equipment that patrons can use. I’ve talked to Gordon and Gail and they know to expect a few more people using the equipment. So if someone needs to read microfilm, we should have them check it out at PNM using a McBee card, and the patron will take the film to either Fine Arts or Special Collections. Please ask them to bring the film back to PNM, but at last resort they can leave the film at the branch library and we will go pick it up.

Regarding the microfilm received through ILL at the Circulation Desk, some can be checked out and the patron can go to Fine Arts or Special for viewing.  For those that are Library Use Only, these will be looked at on a case by case basis and a decision made as to whether the film will be able to leave the building. 

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