Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Exam Proctoring

As of July 2011. Verified by Julie VH

Ok, I called Independent Study in Funkhouser to verify. I spoke with a woman named Audeena, and she said that they do test proctoring for non-UK students!

In order to set it up, the student just needs to call the Independent Study office at 859-257-3466.

I also called BCTC to double check on their testing policy, and they also do testing for non-UK, non-BCTC students at the Assessment and Testing Center. I think the confusion came in because students were calling the distance learning office, and they only do testing for BCTC students. Sandra Muncy at the Assessment Office sent me the proctoring instructions, which I have attached.

Ok, glad this is all hammered out. :-)


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