Monday, July 25, 2011

Public Can Check Out Laptops Temporarily

While our public computers are being cleaned, non-UK affiliated patrons (i.e., not UK students, faculty and staff) will be allowed to check out a laptop from the Audio Visual Services Department.  They will need to have a photo ID and register for a UK library card at Circulation first. AV will not be able to check out laptops past 4:00pm, since it requires a supervisor override.

Reminder – BCTC students can always check out laptops from AV.

Update - "official" details on this from Kevin Campbell in AV -->

 Given that a generous portion of the public access PCs in WTYL are off limits due to a bed bug infection, special circulation procedures for the loaner laptops are in effect until further notice, which should come shortly after the exterminator takes care of the infestation.

“Special borrowers” (those blue UK library cards, aka KY residents 18+ in age and who are not affiliated with UK or BCTC) are now eligible to check out a laptop from the loan program.  Charging a laptop to a special borrower requires a supervisor override, followed by setting a proper due date/time.  I think we supervisors (Clay, Scott, James, me) know how to do this.

This is doable only when YAVS has a staffer here, as YAVS Student Assistants do not have supervisor override permission.  So, the program is suspended when no YAVS staff is here.  Today, for example, it ends when I leave for the day, as Clay, Scott, and James are not in.

If anyone has questions on this, please let me know.

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