Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And This Is The Last We Want to Hear About It

From Judy Sackett:

First, the good news: none of the insect specimens that have been reported and inspected by the pest control people since the first incident have turned out to be bedbugs.

UK Physical Plant Division and the contracted pest control company are working together to develop a protocol for dealing with bedbug reports, bedbugs, etc. In the meantime, if a suspected bedbug is seen or reported, please first try to put it into an envelope or a container it can't escape from, if it is still alive. Note the location and send both Terri Brown and me an email describing the event; deliver the critter/s to one of us. We will contact PPD, and they will contact OPC Pest Control.

If applicable, cover the chair or desk area to discourage others from sitting in the location until it can be inspected. 

I have flyers from OPC that were handed out at the information session last Thursday. Please contact me if you'd like one/some, or if you have questions about this procedure. Thank you.

Judy Sackett

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