Thursday, August 25, 2011

The DART machine in Core 3... down. There's a note on it indicating that a service call was made on July 26. If anyone knows anything about it, please comment, but I'll get in touch with IKON.


  1. ...and now it's gone as of Friday. Shawn will see what he can find out.

  2. Here's the update from IKON -->

    The DART Machine was removed and placed in the Copy Center.

    We are currently waiting on a part from CBORD, the manufacturer of the device.

    So far we have not received any word on when the machine will be back in service, as we have been informed by CBORD that the part that is needed is has been on back order since early August.

    I will provide you with a status update as soon as one is provided to me.

    Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.