Friday, August 19, 2011

InfoKat, WorldCat Local, and Ebooks

Here's an InfoKat/WCL update from Sarah (thanks, Sarah!):

I talked to Rob this morning seeking clarification regarding how long InfoKat will be around and certain problems I’ve encountered while searching the new UK Libraries Local site and here’s what I now know:

InfoKAT is not going away.  The library will be running both InfoKat and the new WorldCat Local/University of Kentucky Local catalogs simultaneously for the foreseeable future.

However, there are some “glitches” to be aware of :  some e-book links that work in InfoKat do not work in WCL/UKL -- the Gale Virtual Reference Library items are the ones I discovered as I was updating my LibGuide pages.  There also appears to be a problem with the Knovel e-books. 

Judy Sackett recently sent an email soliciting volunteers for the new World Cat Local working group and it’s been suggested that when we discover something that doesn’t work correctly in WCL, to keep documentation and send it along to the committee once it convenes.

As other problems or glitches are discovered, please post.  It may help to curb the confusion.

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