Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Study in B110

Debbie got the scoop regarding what's going on in B110 with The Study. Thanks, Debbie! Apparently it's not going to be a drop-in clinic -- see Associate Director Jim Breslin's note:

"I'm currently the AE contact for the library and wanted to make sure you had a response to your question.  We're going to be providing APP workshops, Study Smarter Seminars, GRE Prep Courses, and ACT Prep Courses in B110 this fall.  All of these services require students to register in advance, which they can do via our website:  I hope this info is helpful for the tours!  Please let me know if you need anything else."

Also, a class schedule for B110 is available on Outlook:
Public Folders->All Public Folders->Academic Enhancement->WTY B110 Schedule

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  1. I have to say, this is still very confusing, even with the added benefit of the B-110 Outlook calendar. I have been at the Hub desk both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this week, so I've fielded all sorts of student questions about this. They have held Math classes in B-110 both afternoons, but they also have held other sessions over in B-35. The only thing on the Outlook calendar today is Math, all day till 5. There is no mention of what is going on in B-35. You have to look at the Young Room Reservation calendar to see what is going on in B-35, but all that says for today is "The Study." The final bit of confusion lies in the fact that the students' schedules say that all of these classes are to be held in "Room B." So it is really important for the desk person to be able to look on the calendar (well, calendars, plural, now, which is a whole other issue) and clearly see what is going on. Hopefully, after this first flurry of classes, the Study activities will be limited to B-110. I'll keep you posted.