Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ikon's webpage is being updated.

Hi everybody!

FYI. A student just came up to ask me about printing from their personal computer.  I directed them to Ikon's website for instructions.  HOWEVER, it seems Ikon's webpage is undergoing maintenance today so a lot of links are not working (including the link to instructions for downloading drivers).  I called Ikon and they said that we could send students down to their little corner of the library for help during these troubling times.  They estimated that the website would be back up and running as good as new by tomorrow... We'll see.

EDIT: In addition to contacting Ikon by phone, a Ikon employee stopped by the desk and said if we had any issues we could also contact a manager-type at this e-mail address: norman.gibson@ricoh-usa.com

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